Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The New Man : Zorba The Buddha

  • I call the new man Zorba the Buddha, for the simple reason that to me materialism and spiritualism are not separate, they are inseparable. The moment you make them separate, you make humanity sick. And all analysis is separation, division.
  • There is no need -- you are already existing in unity, your body and your soul are existing together in tremendous harmony. But if you are being told to be against the body, fight the body, control the body, inhibit the desires of the body, then naturally you are going to become schizophrenic. And the whole of humanity is in that situation.
  • - From Bondage to Freedom, Osho


Anonymous said...

Hi Rohit came here from your featured profile at zaadz. Thanks for creating this beautiful series on OSHO. More people need to hear the message now. Left a comment on intentblog. Don't see it posted!


Aparna Kar said...

Glad to visit your page again. I had been thinking about this subject a lot lately.

Robin said...

Here is a great short film on the relationship between eternal consciousness and Quantun science