Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Commentaries on Living" By J Krishnamurti

Picture : J. Krishnamurti

The hills across the lake were beautiful, and beyond them rose the snow-covered mountains. It had been raining all day; but now an expected miracle, the skies had suddenly cleared, and everything became alive, joyous and serene.
The flowers were intense in their yellow, red and deep purple and the raindrops on them were like precious jewels. It was most lovely evening, full of light of spelndour. The people came out into the streets, and along the lake, children were shouting with laughter. Through the all movements and beauty there was enchanting beauty and a strange all-pervading peace.There were several of us on the long bench facing the lake. A man was talking in rather a high voice, it was impossible not to overhear what he was saying to his neighbor. ?On the evening like this I wish I were far away from this noise and confusion , but my job keeps me here, and loathe it.? People were feeding the swans, the ducks and few stray sea-gulls. The swans were pure white and very graceful. There wasn?t a ripple on water now, and the hills across the lake were almost black; but the mountains beyond the hills were aglow with setting sun, and the vivid clouds behind them seemed passionately alive.

Excerpt from the book : "Commentaries on Living" By J Krishnamurti

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