Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dolano: The 21st Century Zen Master

"Dolano was born in 1952, in Lindau, Bodensee Germany and grew up in institutions. From childhood on throughout her life she was in search for truth. After a long wandering and getting lost in so-called wrong directions, dolano finally found Osho, her beloved Master in1979. Osho saved her from drowning and introduced her to meditation."
I attended her satsang in pune, india in the winter of year 2001 and liked her very much because of her simplicity and clarity.

The meeting with Truth is Satsang.
"Truth itself is Satsang"

With an empty mind and open heart,
out of not knowing you know.
You are Truth itself, it is your very, very nature.

What is called Truth is That which is always and does not change.
It is That which is before, during and after experiences;
That which remains the same.
It is That which does not come and go.

You are Truth itself.

Source is Truth, pure intelligence and clarity.
Its nature is emptiness and openness.
Truth is the light, the power, which removes lies and confusion.
When you bring light into a dark room, darkness disappears naturally,
without ever needing to touch or analyze darkness.
You are the light.

When Osho says, "be a light unto yourself",
he points to "who you are".
You are the light; who else will ever recognize if not YOU, Truth itself?
Truth recognizes Truth-itself by itself.

It is That, which cannot be seen or experienced, because it is YOU.
You can't see your own eyes, because they are too close to you.
But "who you are" is not even close to you, it is YOU.

No beginning no end --- is always and has been always. You have only overlooked.


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playful said...

Hey there,
The tapes of Dolano's open satsangs have been converted into mp3s and cut into tracks, one for each question. They are all available here.